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We are here to help you explore your gifts, your multidimensional potential, and help you step into your role as a divine being. 

I am the author of "Multidimensional Consciousness and the New Earth" book and Founder of the School of Multidimensional Consciousness®. After training with Ascended Masters and in various mystery and mastery schools in the higher realms, I have developed a system reviving an ancient path: The Multidimensional Path™

My teachers have been Quan Yin, Lord Sananda (Jesus), Lady Nada (Mary Magdalene), St Germain, Sanat Kumara as well as wisdom keepers from Taoist, Shamanic, Ancient Egyptian mastery and mystery schools. I have walked the journey with a notepad, taking notes, discussing methodology and philosophy of the journey. Before too long, I understood that it was the teacher's path and I fell in love with it.

In our Free Mini-Ebook I shared how the wisdom of multidimensionality can help you align with your divine role.
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Next Paradigm: Multidimensional Consciousness

 We are sharing new teachings and a new way to soul alchemy and self mastery: The Multidimensional Way

Earth Mother has evolved, embodying her creator nature. What does it mean for us?

In this paradigm, constant updates bring more creativity and flow. 

If we want to stay aligned and contribute to the New Earth (r)evolution we have to align with the alchemical process and understand the dynamics of the new paradigm.

Understanding new dynamics helps you step into your power, becoming creators and leaders. 

Explore more in our Free Mini-Ebook and deepen insights with a Mini-Course and guided meditation.

Next Free Community Event

Creating Peace, The Multidimensional Way 

11 December: Global Peace Meditation

This event will be live streamed on our Social Media.

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The Alchemy & White Rose Video for World Peace

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(ongoing live series until 9 September)

A harmonious dance between our dual aspects can help us in our work, business, and relationships and opens the door to spiritual growth. Such a journey can lead us to our divine union and Sophia-Christ embodiment.

In many traditions, studying the feminine and masculine aspects, sacred marriage, and sacred sexuality has been a part of self-realisation and higher mastery teachings.
This workshop will look at this duality to bring the necessary alchemy and transformation into your life. 
The workshop will be a healing and empowering journey filled with helpful insights, teachings and practices to help us our new human potential as multidimensional beings.

We will implement various empowerment tools connecting with the energy and wisdom field of the Multidimensional Path's Portal:
  • Chakra healing and alignment
  • Energy clearing 
  • Reclaiming our feminine and masculine power and wisdom
  • Alignment and Integration practices
  • Activations and empowering energies
  • Connection with the Ascended Masters
  • Source Communication
  • Dance, music and movement
The workshop is for male and female participants, and we love having a balanced group.
We will connect with the field of Sophia's Temple and receive blessings and activations feeling the presence of Mary Magdalene, Jesus and other Ascended Masters.

Replays will be available in your course area, with lifetime access.

Learn the changing dynamics that are coming with our new paradigm.

Download our Mini E-Book and Access Our Free Training.


Learn the insights on the New Earth paradigm and stay aligned.


Step into your power, claim your divine role.


Access the mini-course and receive the empowering energies.

Membership Plan

Multidimensional Soul Club

Your New Earth Community

Our community plan aims to create a safe space for you to explore and experience yourself as a multidimensional being.
Wisdom of multidimensionality is about embracing yourself and leading your life in alignment with your higher purpose and authentic nature.
We help you awaken your long-forgotten multidimensional nature and use the wisdom it brings to your life.
  • Every month a new theme 
  • Experience sacred rituals and magic of working as a collective
  • Bi-weekly group sessions
  • Community forum
  • Regular energy channeling to support you
  • Discounts and Free Training Opportunities
  • Foundation Course: Activate Your Multidimensional Intelligence with the annual plan
Looking at your journey from a multidimensional perspective can be life-changing. You say goodbye to many unhelpful beliefs and rulebooks that only kept you in a loop.

Multidimensionality helps you lift your barriers and shows you how to access your higher consciousness. With our multidimensional journeys, we create a unique experience for you to evolve and prepare for your role in the New Earth as a divine being.



Our students love us

This teaching offered by Nusra Sahin is very valuable in my mission to lead people to awakening of who they really are and to envision and create New Earth from a higher aspect of themselves where manifestation begins. The Multidimensional Consciousness System would help anyone who, like me, has found or wants to find their own unique mission in this time of so much transition. We all need to manifest our heart’s desires for the world and all living beings in it. 
Janice COYLE
Founder, New Earth Visioning Project
Nusra has provided me with the safe space and guidance I have needed to further delve into my multidimensionality. She guides me into deeper knowing of what is within my heart and has enhanced my ability to consciously connect with other multidimensional beings. I have found that my heart center is more open and I stand more fully in my power as a creator. Nusra's knowledge and courses guide and aid you to step more fully into your own authority as a sovereign being. 
Rikki ADAMS,
MBA, Reiki HealeR
I read Nusra's book titled Multidimensional Consciousness and the New Earth, which explores the possibility of connecting with higher realms and using this in your daily life. I also attended an online course in which she helps people put the techniques from the book into practice. Nusra's compassion and her genuine desire to help humanity shines through in every encounter she has with her students and mediation groups. I have found this hugely beneficial in my own spiritual practice.
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